Nouveau système de refroidissement / New Ice Plant !!!!!!!!!! (26/03/19)

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Le Conseil du Centre Notre Dame a le grand plaisir de vous annoncer que notre nouveau système de refroidissement est tout installé et fonctionne depuis le 24 mars, 2019.  Le système sera allumé pendant la semaine pour ensuite être éteint afin que le Centre puisse accueillir nos équipes de la-crosse.  Bref, le hockey sera de retour dans le Vieux Saint-Boniface au mois d'août 2019 !!!

The Notre Dame Board is pleased to announce that our new ice plant is up and running since March 24th 2019.  In a few days, we will turn the plant off to make way for our Lacrosse teams that start their season after Spring Break.  Hockey will officially be back in Old Saint Boniface as of August, 2019 !!!


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SOCCER (Out of Region Transfers)

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Out of Region Transfers

January 22, 2018

The Manitoba Soccer Association requires all non-City of Winnipeg Residents to complete their Out of Region Transfer to be eligible to play on any Winnipeg District Club or Community Center team in the WYSA League.

According to the MSA website, the Policy and Procedure are as follows:

Out-of-Region Transfer Policy
• All players that wish to play for a Club in a Region that is not the Region of their home residence must complete the Out-of-Region Transfer Request.
• No player, of any level, is exempt from this process, including:
I. Players that have failed to complete this process in a previous season.

II. Players that have played for a Club in a Region outside of their home residence in a previous season.

III. Players who play in a Community Center that is beyond the Winnipeg boundary but is considered through WYSA policy to be part of a district Club.

IV. Players who have ‘open transferred’ in a previous season.

1. The MSA’s seven geographical areas are; Central, Eastman, Interlake, Norman, Parkland, Westman, and Winnipeg.

2. Out of Region Transfers are only valid for the season they have been granted.

3. Indoor and Outdoor seasons are considered two separate seasons.

4. Only MSA can approve/deny Out-of-Region Transfers.

Out-of-Region Transfer Request Procedure:

In order for a player to play ‘Out of Region’ in any given season they must have completed either;

I. Registration in a Home Region Club that is a Member of the MSA. Players must register with their Home Region Club for the applicable season (indoor/outdoor) by the deadline set by their Home Region Club.

- OR - 

II. Apply for an Out of Region Transfer to the MSA.
– Application forms must be submitted electronically to the MSA, forms can be found on the MSA Website.
– The Deadline for submitting the Out of Region Transfer Form, if you have not registered with your Home Region Club is February 21st. All players that have failed to complete step 1 or step 2 above, by the applicable deadlines will be ineligible for the upcoming season.

Step 2
The MSA will review all Out-of-Region Transfer requests after the registration deadline.

Step 3
Approved transfers
I. MSA will notify and provide each member Association or League with a list of approved Out-of-Region Transfers who have been approved to register within their Region.

II. The member Association or League responsible for allocating approved Out-of-Region players will allocate approved players to a Club in the requested Region.

III. Players are now eligible to register with this out of region Club.

Denied Transfers
I. Players that are denied the Out-of-Region Transfer will be contacted by the MSA and notified of the steps they must now take if they wish to participate in MSA sanctioned competition for the upcoming season

Click here to view the MSA Out of Region Policy on their website (listed as 'Out of Region Transfer Request' about halfway down the page). 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Scott Ansell at the MSA at or 204-594-5814.

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